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Message from Chairman


​Yasushi Kondo (近藤 寧)

  Our company was founded in 2016. We are dedicated to embracing diversity and creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can confidently pursue their goals without the fear of failure. Our aim is to foster a culture that encourages individuals to take on various challenges.

  Furthermore, driven by our commitment to building a society that leaves no one behind, we have established a new direction by prioritizing welfare initiatives. We have obtained licenses for home care services and child development support services, and we are actively establishing multiple facilities.

  With deep gratitude and appreciation for the support we have received, we will continue to move forward without hesitation, embracing new challenges along the way.

  "As long as we are on the right path, distance is no obstacle."

  We have strong confidence that our business can make valuable contributions to both the local and international communities. We will fearlessly continue to advance towards our goals.

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Yoa International Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Yasushi Kondo

Established September 2016

​Registered Capital 7.5 million yen

36 employees (including part-timers, etc. As of April 2023)

TEL 03-6416-8968

FAX 03-6416-8978

Main Client

International Institute of infant Health Design 

HeROINTL Co., Ltd.

​Alba Co., Ltd.

Japan-China Friendship Association

General Incorporated Association ​ Chiba Gijuku

FUNFO Co., Ltd.

Ark Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hagino Building 1F, 2-15 Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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