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Child development support project
Child Development Lab & kids Sagamihara


For children's development and rich growth

​Find your “Fascination”!

Business philosophy


"Like yourself"

"​Let's move our bodies a lot"

Family support

〇 We will support you to live a healthy and active life both physically and mentally.

〇 In a warm, homely environment, we guide children to love themselves.

〇 We will support each person's heart and help increase the smiles of everyone.

Incorporating the theory of Professor Akira Maebashi, Doctor of Medicine, Waseda University, "Infant Health Design Exercise Program", through play and exercise, develop five abilities: physical, social, intellectual, mental and emotional. I think that it will be a great opportunity to find something that you can get absorbed in as well as enhance it.
We will provide support so that children can have a lot of moving experiences that can only be done in childhood.

"What we cherish is for children to 'love themselves'." It leads to the feeling of liking others and the feeling of challenging without giving up.
"In order to get people to like you, I want you to be blessed with lots of people who like you!" We would like to be one of them.

"When the weather is nice, I actively go out for walks and play outside." We provide support to help children learn the rules of the group through play and develop social skills.
Even on rainy days, you can enjoy moving your body indoors. We want our staff to be able to enjoy various activities together with children and grow together.

"I'm sure there are many worries and anxieties about watching over your child's growth."
"Please let us know how you feel." Let's think about support together by sharing a lot of wonderful things about children and problems.

"We will help you smile more."

〒252-0239 1F, 3-10-4 Chuo, Chuo Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

TEL 042-816-2929

FAX & nbsp; 03-6416-8919

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